Homework Policy



                          ***  HOMEWORK  ***

Two or three subjects are usually assigned for homework each day.  Please 
make sure to check your child's homework planner and folder each night for 
the assignments.  Homework planners and folders should be brought home each 
night and returned to school everyday.  It is also quite helpful to check 
that the assignments are completed to the best of your child's ability.  

                            ***  FYI ***

IMPORTANT NOTICES and ANNOUNCEMENTS are also sent home periodically.

                            ***  FYI  ***

Homework helps to enhance your child's responsibility and reinforce lessons 
that are taught in school.  Homework is also worth 10% of the final grade in 
each marking period.

                            ***  FYI  ***

Your child may also receive **ADDITIONAL HOMEWORK** from support teachers in 
Reading, Writing, and Math.

***This homework would probably be due within a week's time because each 
teacher is scheduled one time per week. The ONLY time the assignments would 
be due the next day is if the students were specifically asked to or if the 
students choose to complete it for the next school day.***

                            ***  FYI  ***

If for some reason homework cannot completed, it would be great to write a 
note as to why it could not be completed on time.  This information is also 
helpful in letting me know that everyone is aware of the assignments not 
being completed and that it should be completed as soon as possible.
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