Grade Level News

Kindergarten: We are currently working on our song for the spring concert. Memorizing words takes time! We are also working on high and low sounds and singing voices. With instruments we are working on producing a steady beat.


First Grade:  In first grade we are working on memorizing the lyrics to our concert song "Rockin' Robin". We are working on reading and performing longer rhythms on instruments, using a variety of songs.


Second Grade: Second grade is working on their concert music as well as reading faster, more complex rhythms. They are learning how to sing several American folk songs that include these rhythms. 


Third Grade: Third grade is memorizing concert music and beginning reviewing rhythms learned this year.

Fourth Grade:  In fourth grade we are practicing our spring concert song. We are also learning how to read music by using time signatures, barlines, and double barlines. Students are able to perform these rhythms on instruments.


Fifth Grade:  Fifth grade students are working on singing in parts for their spring concert song. Students are also learning music vocabulary words that they will use to describe and discuss music. Listening and analyzing music is a big focus for them this year.


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