A Guide to iconn for Teachers

Teachers, click below to access the iConn.org website, part of the CT Education Network and a service of the Connecticut State Library. It will provide you free online access to resources you can use in the classroom with students.

The resources and databases I've found most helpful in the library include....

Click here to access---> 

 ~ can search by Lexile

~ great for our younger students, the simplest searching by subjects

~ provides HTML and PDF full-text articles


Click here to access--->               

~ can search by Lexile

~provides HTML and PDF full-texts

~useful for younger to middle grade students with more complex searching

~results may be filtered by type of resource (magazines, newspapers, primary source documents)


   Will be a new interface replacing Searchasaurus, Kids Search and Student Resource Center beginning in July. You will find this database on the Elementary Resources page.




Click here  to access --->  

~ best for upper elementary grades

~ offers an image and video collection

~browse by science category (earth science, life science, scientists, etc.)


Click here to access --->

~ best for upper elementary grades

~browse by large history topics (U.S. or World, then subtopics within)

 ~also offers popular sources on history subjects


Click here to access --->     

~ best for fifth grade biography unit

~ offers browsing photographs or subgenres (African Americans, artists, current world leaders, etc.)

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