Coat of Arms 1976
West Side Coat of Arms c. 1976
Community day 2017
WSMS Community Tile Project
WSMS Community Tile Project
UA Corridor
Unified Arts Mural: Dedicated to Ms. Ann Olear - Teacher of the Year 2017
Community Art Project, 2017
West Side Community Day Art Project October 14, 2017
Student Mural - Joyce Copper
Student Mural: 2017 - Joyce Copper
Dragon Mural 2018
Student Dragon Mural - c. 2018
Unfinished West Side Mural 2020
Mural 2020 - Messiah Daniels
Donations to St. Vincent DuPaul
St. Vincent Dupaul Collection 2019


Reminder: The Marking Period Ends 1/29/2020

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