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Family and Housing Expo Posted: Wed, April 23, 2014

The City of Waterbury and the Board of Education are hosting a Family and Housing Expo on Saturday, May 10,...

Annual Notice Posted: Wed, April 23, 2014

The Individuals with Disabilities Act allows certain services provided under an Individualized Education Plan to be covered by Medicaid - annual...

Barnes & Noble Bookfair Posted: Mon, April 21, 2014

  Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26, Sunday, April 27 at Barnes & Noble, 235 Union Street, Waterbury Story Hour with surprise...

Earth Day Clean-Up Posted: Thu, March 13, 2014

This year's city-wide Earth Day Clean Up is Saturday, April 26th (rain date May 3rd) from 9:00 to noon. Meet...

EMBODI Mentoring Program Posted: Thu, March 13, 2014

EMBODI stands for Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence, and it is a new mentoring program for middle...
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Bunker Hill Elementary School

170 Bunker Hill Avenue

Waterbury, CT  06708

Principal: Mrs. Celia Piccochi

Supervising Vice Principal:  Ms. Stephanie Carpentieri


Our school hours:   8:35 am to 2:50 pm

90 Minute Delay Opening Time:  10:05 am

4 1/2 Hour Day Dismissal Time:  1:05 pm

Emergency/Weather Early Dismissal Time:  12:00 pm

All students should be  at school ready to line up with their class at 8:30 am


   Bunker Hill School, Waterbury, CT







Mrs. Celia Piccochi, Principal

Ms. Stephanie Carpentieri, SVP  

Maureen Guerrera, Secretary





Ms. Tabitha Krosi R.N.



  Mrs. Dawn Gaylord, P.H.A.


Mrs. MaryAnn Petrillo




Ms. Lynn Chance 




Ms. Stephanie Borowy





Ms. Jennifer Bordieri





Durham Student Services 





First Student 




Mr. Jeffrey Hunter 




Welcome to the



Bunker Hill Elementary School

Waterbury, CT



Check back often

 to keep up to date with

 important school news

and information



School Visitors Policy

The Waterbury Board of Education and staff welcome and strongly encourage parents/guardians, members of the community, and other interested persons to visit the schools. It is imperative to insure a safe and appropriate learning environment for our students.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations to:

1. Encourage school visitations.

2. Provide for appropriate hospitality for visitors.

3. Set forth District procedures and to require visitors and school personnel to follow those procedures.

4. Ensure that such visits will enhance educational programs and ensure student safety.

All school visitors shall register in the Main Office and may be accompanied by staff throughout their visit. Staff members should be alert for unauthorized visitors and report their presence to the Principal immediately should there be concerns about whether visitors may be unauthorized visitors.

Parents and community members are welcome to attend interscholastic athletic events and school sponsored student presentations or plays as well as any other Waterbury Board of Education sanctioned programs. However, it is the responsibility of the visitor to remain in the area of the activity and not to move about the building where classes or maintenance activities may be disrupted.

Any person who does not adhere to Board policies and procedures that pertain to school visitation, or is without appropriate reason or responsibility for student supervision, may be considered loitering on school grounds. A person is guilty of loitering on school grounds when he/she loiters or remains in or about a school building, or grounds, without a reason or relationship involving custody of, or responsibility for, a student or any other license or privilege to be there.

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes Section 53a-185: Loitering on school grounds, Class C misdemeanor

 School Visitors Regulations

Waterbury Public Schools, in an effort to encourage visitors to its schools while at the same time maintaining the students’ and staffs’ safety, privacy and security, and minimizing disruptions to educational programming, sets forth the following procedure to be followed for school visitors.

1. Any visitor who is not a District or City employee on official business, a State or Federal employee on official business, Board of Education Commissioner, or a student enrolled in the school, will be termed a “visitor” under Board Policy and is subject to the procedures set forth below. A visitor does not include those who attend a scheduled activity open to the general public.

 2. Any visitor, as defined above, who wishes to visit a school building, and /or observe any student program, must obtain prior approval from the principal or other designated administrator, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the visit. Requests to observe a class shall be granted, unless such request(s) would be disruptive to the educational process.

 3. All visitors must directly report to the Main Office upon arrival, provide identification which will be kept by school staff during the visit (along with a photocopy to be kept in the student’s cumulative file), and sign in where designated. Identification will be issued to the visitor which must be displayed at all times during the visit.

 4. All visitors must provide to the principal or duly authorized administrator the reason for their visit, where the visit will take place and the anticipated length of the visit. Visitor meetings must take place in an administrative area designated by the principal or his/her designee unless otherwise agreed to by the principal or duly authorized administrator.

 5. In the discretion of the principal or duly authorized administrator, any visitor may be required to submit to a background check and a sexual offender registry check in order to gain access into the school.

 6. An escort for the visitor may be required by the principal or duly authorized administrator.

 7. No visitor, except a law enforcement officer duly authorized by the Waterbury Police Department, is allowed to bring a weapon of any kind into any school in the District or on school grounds.


8. In order to safeguard student privacy rights, no videotaping, photography or use of recording devices or electronic equipment including phones, is allowed by the visitor during the visit unless prior permission is given by the Superintendent and appropriate prior written consent of the student is obtained.

 9. Visitors must follow all school rules and administrative directives and minimize disruptions of the school’s learning environment. Visitors must not disturb the students, teachers or interrupt classes in any way.

 10. If a Visitor fails to abide by these procedures, school rules and administrative directives, the visitor will be asked to leave the premises or be subject to referral to the authorities and possibly precluded from future visits in the discretion of the principal or duly authorized administrator.

 11. Visitors are on notice that they are subject to whatever surveillance exists at the school during their school visit.

 12. An unauthorized visitor shall be guilty of loitering on school grounds when he/she loiters, or remains in or about a school building or grounds, without a reason or relationship involving the custody of, or responsibility for, a student, or for any other authorized activity, license, or privilege to be there.

 13. The administration is authorized to file a trespassing complaint with the Waterbury Police Department, when appropriate or applicable.


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