Crosby's Portrait of a Graduate



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Key phrases from Portrait of a Graduate and how they correlate with Crosby’s Core Values and Beliefs:

Effective lifelong learners and contributors to society

Rigorous academic content, but it must also be more intentional about fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity

Crosby High School will:

1.   Have policies in place to provide a safe learning environment.

2.   Encourage family involvement. (Communication)

3.   Create an atmosphere in which students use a variety of learning techniques. (content, creativity)

4.   Provide educational opportunities and support services to all students. (content, critical thinking, creativity)

5.   Provide the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning. (content, creativity)

6.   Provide knowledge of health and wellness issues. (content, lifelong learning)

7.   Provide extra-curricular activities to meet the diverse needs of the student

   body. (creativity)

8.   Provide all students with the opportunity to develop decision-making and 

   goal-setting skills. (critical thinking) 

9.   Provide all students with the opportunity to learn about careers and job-

   readiness skills. (contributors to society)

10. Provide recognition of excellence among students and staff. 

Crosby High School Core Values and Beliefs

  • Service: Students will engage in acts of helpful activity to contribute to the overall well-being of the school and community. (contributors to society, collaboration)
  • Positive Behavior:  Students will display appropriate and responsible school behavior. (communication, contributors to society)
  • Initiative:  Students will assume responsibility for one's own actions and actively seek out new learning opportunities and social experiences. (content, lifelong learners, contributors to society) 
  • Respect:  Students will value a safe learning environment as well as take into consideration the knowledge, opinions and skills of all individuals. (contributors to society) 
  • Integrity:  Students will demonstrate high regard for school property, personal belongings, academic honesty and appropriately apply technology as a tool for learning. (contributors to society) 
  • Teamwork:  Students will collaborate with peers, teachers, administrators, parents and support staff as well as community members to promote an educational climate conducive to learning. (collaboration)







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