First grade


Welcome to First Grade!

In first grade we are a family of leaders and learners, who embrace challenges and mistakes, never give up, always do our best and treat others how we want to be treated. We will never stop learning!

Some ways that you can increase your child’s success:

  • Read with your child every night for a minimum of 20 minutes. Research has shown that reading improves listening skills, builds early literacy skills, and helps improve students’ academic performance!

  • Send your child to school with a healthy snack. (water, fruits, vegetables, etc.)

  • Make sure your child is dressed warmly for outdoor recess. (warm jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, etc.)

  • Practice trick words/sight words with your child every night.

  • Practice addition and subtraction facts up to 10 each night.

  • Make sure your child goes to bed early so that they can focus and do their best all day in school!


Your child’s success is always a collaborative effort, so please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher! For homework policies and any other concerns feel free to contact your child’s teacher through the school phone number or email.





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