Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Team at Bunker Hill Elementary School would like to update the community as to where our school stands in bringing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports to Bunker Hill.

Last year, a group of select students made posters and hung them around the school so people would begin to talk about PBIS and know that it is coming to our school. Students who made posters were selected by classroom teachers because they showed excellent effort in class and out, and modeled the type of behavior that we expect at Bunker Hill.

This year, PBIS has been implemented in each classroom at Bunker Hill and parental support can increase the benefits of PBIS. The PBIS Team has chosen special areas of the school that will become important focus areas for appropriate behavior. These areas are the Hallway, the Playground, the Cafeteria, the Bathroom, during Dismissal, the Bus ride to and from home, and the Classroom.

Every teacher has instructed his or her class on the rules for each specific area above, and the rules are posted in each special area of the school for everyone to see. PBIS is being used because good things happen when students know what they are supposed to be doing. Research shows that students knowing the expectations of and exhibiting pro-social behavior will receive more instructional time from teachers, and discipline problems will decrease. Also, when students get into habits of good behavior at school, this increases the chances that they will try harder on their schoolwork, get along with other students, and get good reports sent home to parents. Positive behavior at school will make each student more prepared to learn and use this knowledge to be creative in the future.

One of our first supports for exhibiting positive behavior at school is ‘Bear Bucks’. Bear Bucks are tickets that each teacher and staff member has and will be randomly distributing to special students who show that they can follow the expectations of the focus areas: the hallway, the playground, the cafeteria, the bathroom, during dismissal, the bus rides, and the classroom. Any teacher or staff member can give students Bear Bucks, and Bear Buck winners names will go into a weekly raffle for prizes. All students earning Bear Bucks will earn a special group activity at the end of the month regardless of whether or not they win the raffle. Parents or others who wish to support Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports can: 

 A)    Talk to your child about the behavior that is expected in school and why it is important. Set a clear understanding of how you expect your child to behave.

B)    Ask your child about Bear Bucks. What are they and why does he or she want one? Ask your child to tell you if he or she has received one.

C)   Help your child recognize healthy habits in their lives and that healthy habits in school can transfer to healthy habits out of school. Reinforce the value of learning.

D)   Contact a Bunker Hill PBIS Team member with suggestions and feedback on this initiative.                 


Our PBIS Team

Bunker Hill Elementary School's Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Team

Linda Leyhow  Principal
Emily Griffin  Vice Principal
Rebecca Gay  Grade 1 Teacher
Sonya Fleming  Grade 1 Teacher
Louise Byron  PreK Teacher
Margo Jasiulevicius  Special Education Teacher
Michele Lance  Grade 4 Teacher


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