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What is the Medication Policy?

My child has a fever. When can they go back to school?

My child has lice. What do I do?

Do you have information on the HUSKY Plan (Healthcare for Uninsured Kids and Youth)?


 Medication Policy

The policy and procedures for the administration of medication in schools have been written in accordance with Connecticut Education Laws. Families and physicians are encouraged to develop medication schedules for students, which do not interrupt the school day. Unfortunately, there are children who could not be maintained in the classroom without medication during the day; therefore, the Department of Education and Helth recognized their responsibility in providing assistance to these children. No medication will be given without written prescription from a licensed physician/dentist, a written parent request and approval of the School Medical Advisor and meet the following guidelines:

Medications must be brought to school by an adult responsible for the child's care.
Medications must be in the original container with a prescription label stating how it is to be given.
No more than a 45-day supply of medication should be brought in at one time.
All medications must be picked up by the parent after the order for giving medication has expired or when the school year ends. All medications not picked up will be destroyed.

 Fever Guidelines

If you child has a fever over 101 degrees, they can not return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.



Parent's shouldn't feel embarrassed if their children come home from school with head lice. If you have school children, be prepared for the possibility they'll be infected after the school year begins. The head lice will be in both public and private schools, on kindergarten through high school seniors. Except for the common cold, head lice effects more children than all other communicable diseases combined. For precaution:

Tell your children not to share hats, headphones or combs with schoolmates, the most common was lice is spread. Lice can not jump or fly, they transfer by direct or close indirect contact with another person.
Use a delousing shampoo. There are several over-the-counter and some by prescription. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid re-infestation!
Then do some "nit picking". Closely examine your child's head and pick out all the loose nits, or eggs. The nits are silvery and look much like dandruff but they are "cemented" to the hair shaft and can't be shaken loose. The shampoo will kill the lice, but doesn't always kill the nits.
You child will not be admitted back into class until the nurse has examened your child.


HUSKY Health Care Plan

The HUSKY plan is a state and federal funded program to provide free or affordable insurance for children who otherwise may not have health insurance coverage. Applications are available on line or in the office. Click here to go to the HUSKY website.

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