Information for Tinker School Parents


Hello Parents and Welcome!

At Tinker School, we value our parents, guardians, caretakers  and family members as partners!

Working together ensures that all students will have a bright future.

We celebrate diversity and are so proud of the many cultures represented at Tinker. We are continuing to strive to bring all of our stakeholders together to make our school the best that it can be.



Please consider working with Tinker Staff to engage in creative and innovative work to advance student learning and enhance teaching and learning experiences within our educational community.

We are proud to of the partnerships we've build so far and the work we are continuing to do to engage our parents in different ways.


Below are some links with info just for you: 



If you have a need, question, concern, idea or suggestion-- please begin by reaching out

  (203) 574-8186 

If it is a classroom-related issue--please begin with the classroom teacher:

see Staff Directory 


At any time, you may reach staff using Parent Square our parent communication hub (which allows you to message teachers directly)

Please remember to update your Contact Info regularly -so you can stay connected!


Parent Involvement:

Tinker School Parent Involvement Policy 

*To get involved, you can:

~ Join the PTA / Attend Monthly Meetings

~Join the School Governance Council /Meetings

~Attend Open House and Parent Teacher Conferences

~Volunteer (there are many opportunities and a large variety of ways in which a parent can volunteer-contact Mrs. Jones if you are interested:

~Attend School Events

-Respond to school messages (and provide feedback when applicable)

It is important to us that you are involved in every aspect of your child's education! We welcome and appreciate your time, cooperation, collaboration and commitment to your child and the school!

B.W. Tinker Elementary School
809 Highland Ave
Waterbury, CT 06708
Phone: 203.574.8186

Fax: 203.597.3440