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Imani Jones

happy new year

As we settle into the year 2021, and make goals and resolutions, it is my hope that such focuses include a mindset on growth while celebrating the positive.

Here at Tinker School, even in the midst of many challenges that have come our way, we remain a strong and resilient school community. Whether virtual or in person, we have fostered great ways of working together in support teaching an learning and student growth and achievement.

With the acknowledgement of how important daily attendance is in connection with student academic growth, one of our school goals is to increase the percentages of students considered satisfactory (and decrease our percentages of students considered chronically absent.) Teachers have worked hard to make both their physical and virtual classrooms a place that is primed for thinking and learning and are all a part of a "task force" to support students consistently coming to school each day, to provide students with opportunities to do their best.

Other goals include an academic focus: Tinker school has made progress with and maintained a steady upward trend in the new year is in connection with our math program (I-Ready). Each week, our school has outstanding numbers of students who meet or exceed their learning target minutes, with the goal to improve in targeted domains. Similarly in Reading, our students are working on individual learning paths using the reading program Amplify Reading. Our goal is to have ALL students working on their path each day and mastering foundational reading and comprehension skills, to help them better understand the world around them.

Along with academics, Tinker is also focusing on Social Emotional learning. Carefully crafted discussion questions, stories, videos and resources are shared with students daily as they learn about character building topics that help become cooperative and productive members of their school community. Our goal with social emotional learning is for students to apply what they've learned in meaningful ways has positive impacts.

As we ease into the second half of the school year, we will revisit our goals often to reflection on what is going well and what needs to be improved.

By maintaining a growth mindset and being open to the constant world of change, and embracing every learning opportunity that comes our way, we believe we will reach our goals and accomplish great things.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy start to the New Year. May we all reach for the stars in pursuit of our goals, dreams and beyond!

Mrs. Jones


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