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Last Updated: 8/24/2021 1:24 PM

Parent Involvement

The Parent Involvement Policy was developed by parents and staff of Duggan School. Together with the School Governance Council the plan was reviewed and updated. Click below to download our school's parent involvemtn policy.

La Política de Participación de los Padres fue desarrollado por los padres y el personal de la escuela de Duggan. Junto con el Consejo de Gobierno de la Escuela el plan fue revisado y actualizado. Clic para descargar padres involvemtn política de nuestra escuela.

Title I Parent Involvement Policy Brochure 

             Parent and Family Engagement Policy Title I

Title I Parent Involvemnet Policy Brochure Spansh

             Parent and Family Engagement Policy Title I (Spanish)

             Parent and Family Engagement Policy Title I (Albanian)

DID YOU KNOW? A home environment that encourages learning is more influential for student achievement than household income, education levels, and cultural background.

¿SABÍA USTED? Un ambiente familiar que fomenta el aprendizaje es más influyente para el logro del estudiante que el ingreso de los hogares, los niveles de educación y formación cultural.



Program Offered by Waterbury Hospital to Give Parents Free Training on Supporting Educational Excellence  

Waterbury Hospital is accepting applications for parents who are interested in a free training program that will build leaders who want to connect  families and the community into the educational system. To fill get the application, please click here!




Parents and Guradians below is a link for you to explore topics such as cyberbullying and social networking with a free collection of online videos. Through animations and real-life stories, NetSmartz can help you better protect your children while they're online.



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           Counseling/Mediation at Duggan School

All students can safely mediate a dispute at Duggan School with the help and guidance of school staff.

A teacher or administrator can refer a student to a counseling professional to help mediate a dispute between students.

Students can ask their teacher, fill out an anonymous form, or ask to speak to a counselor if they feel they need assistance.

If a parent is concerned about their child they can call Duggan School at 203-574-8875 and ask to speak to one of the following counselors:

Mr. Aucella- Guidance Counselor

Lisa Morales- Social Worker Monday-Friday

Amanda Magurne- School Psychologist, Monday-Friday

Anonymous Mediation Form


Available After School Programs

Programas Después de Escuela

We understand that many parents are in need of child care once the school day is done. We want to assist parents in providing information regarding organizations and programs that provide after school care for Duggan School children. Here is a list of all the after school programs and their phone numbers that are available to parents, and whether transportation is provided.

Entendemos que muchos padres están en necesidad de cuidado de los niños vez que que termine el día escolar. Queremos ayudar a los padres en el suministro de información sobre las organizaciones y los programas que ofrecen cuidado después de clases para los niños de la escuela Duggan. Aquí está una lista de todos los programas después de la escuela y sus números de teléfono que están disponibles a los padres, y si se ofrece transporte.

Program Grades           Transportation    Phone Number      Contact Person
ESH (TU, W, THR) 2-5       Yes              203-574-8875  
CPEP 6-8                         Yes              203-574-8875           Mr. Perrucci
STEM 8                            Yes               203-574-8875          Miss Tina
Chase Park House 1-5     Yes    
YMCA     K-5                      Yes

           *Parents Must Pick up at location (203) 754-9622 ext. 125 Kristen Coburn


For more information and tips on Parent and Community Involvement, please visit



Duggan Community Coming Together

Social Club's Annual Visit

Members of Waterbury's FB Social Club visited Duggan School on Sunday, November 5th, roaring into the bus  driveway on dozens of motorcycles. Each year, members of the club donate Thanksgiving holiday dinners to selected families at the school and at other locations in the Greater Waterbury area, turning the deliveries into an organized ride, complete with police escort. Santa even joins the club to hand out treats to students. When the club arrives, members line up to help unload the food, passing the bags and boxes along to a table in front of the school. 

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