School Policies

Attendance Policy

When your student is absent from school, please call the main office (574-8174), or send a note to your child’s teacher informing them of the reason for the absence.  Acceptable reasons for absence are health, including illness, incapacity or doctors visit.  Religious holidays, court appearance, funerals, approved school activities, suspensions and limited absence for special activities with parents consent.  Students are expected to make up all work missed due to absences within three days of returning to school.

Any student enrolled in the Waterbury School System in grades K - 5 whose combined excused and unexcused absences exceeded 20 days you get no credit.

A pupil who is tardy or dismissed early must report to the office before reporting to the classroom.  Pupils are considered tardy or dismissed early if not in class when the bell rings.    Regardless whether the tardy or early dismissal is excused or unexcused, the student must be preset in school for 4 1/2 hours in order to receive attendance credit for the day.


Dress Code Policy

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers, Skorts:

Must be solid navy blue, black, gray or khaki.  Must be “dress” or “docker” style pants, worn or belted at the waist.


Must be solid white, black, or blue.  Must be oxford, polo or turtleneck style with sleeves and collar.


Must be solid navy blue, white, gray or black.  Must be V-neck, cardigan or vest style.


Shoes are strongly recommended; however sneakers may be worn.  Laces must be tied.  Sandals and bare feet are not permitted.

Gym Day Attire:

Sweats may be worn on gym days.  They must be solid navy blue, white or gray.

The following items are prohibited:

-Any jean or denim material

-Tank tops, midriffs, undershirts worn as outer shirts, halter tops, hooded shirts

-Clothing which are torn, have holes or are ragged

-Skirts, shorts, dresses, jumpers shorter than knee length

-Outer coats, windbreakers, or any article of clothing that covers the face and or head including but not limited to hats, visors, scares, earmuffs, headbands, do-rags, bandannas, curlers, goggles and sunglasses

-Beepers, walkman-type players, cell phones, laser pens and other electronic devices

-footwear which causes noisy distraction or open toe


Homework Policy

The students classroom teacher will assign all homework.  The students ability and grade level will be taken into account when determining the length of an assignment.  Teachers in grades 1,2 and 3 shall assign homework in one subject each night.  Teachers in grades 4 and 5 shall assign homework in 2 subjects each night.  Please make sure you child has a quiet, organized spot to do their homework and a routine to make sure their homework is placed in their book bag and brought back to school the next day.


Medication Policy

No medication will be given without a written prescription from a licensed physician/dentist, a written parent request and approval from the School Medical Advisor.

The following guidelines must be met:

-Medication must be brought to school by an adult responsible for the child’s care.

-Medication must be in the original container, with label stating how it is to be given.

-No more than a 45-day supply of medication should be brought in a one time.

-All medications must be picked up by the parent after the order for giving medication has expired or the school year ends.  All medicationhnot picked up will be destroyed.



Morning Drop Off/ Dismissal Policy  

In the morning all drop off students will be entering in the back door of the school (8:05-8:30).  You may drive through the school lot and drop off at the door in back.  
If you are walking your child down the driveway you must walk with them the entire way to ensure their safety.
There is not parking on East Main Street at any time.  Please use the crosswalk if you are parking on Norris Street.

-All students being dropped off after 8:30 will need to be accompanied by an adult to the front door (please ring the buzzer).  You may park in Odd Fellow's lot next door.

At pick up (2:50)  we are dismissing out the back of the school..  Please park on Mulloy Road and walk to the back of the school.  We will start dismissing with grade K first.  
Cars are not allowed in the parking lot.  There is no parking on East Main Street.
If you are not present at dismissal we will have to bring your child to the front office as our staff is relieved of their duties at 3:00.  The administration is needed to call the bus companies and notify parents on Parent Square of updates on bus arrivals so we cannot stay in the back and wait with the children who are not picked up on time (2:50).  You may park in Odd Fellow's next door and walk to the front of the school.  We will dismiss the walkers to you when there is no bus being loaded.  We want to dismiss in an orderly fashion and it is best to keep the walkers and individual bus lines separate.


Bus Dismissal Procedures

Children are all assigned a bus number and may ride a bus.  If your child is to be picked up please send in a note or come in person prior to 2:30 pm to notify the office (unless you have already identified your child as a pick up every day in a note to the teacher

We do not allow any adult in the building other than staff members after 2:35 as the children are moving in the hallway and it is a safety issue.

Change in dismissal procedures will not be accepted over the phone as we cannot verify or identify the caller.



Cupcake Policy

We do not allow cupcakes or any  outside food due to children's allergies.

You may send in pencils or stickers.   Balloons and flowers are a distraction to the other students' learning.

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