Dress Code Policy

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers, Skorts:

Must be solid navy blue, black, gray or khaki.  Must be “dress” or “docker” style pants, worn or belted at the waist.


Must be solid white, black, or blue.  Must be oxford, polo or turtleneck style with sleeves and collar.


Must be solid navy blue, white, gray or black.  Must be V-neck, cardigan or vest style.


Shoes are strongly recommended; however sneakers may be worn.  Laces must be tied.  Sandals and bare feet are not permitted.

Gym Day Attire:

Sweats may be worn on gym days.  They must be solid navy blue, white or gray.


The following items are prohibited:

-Any jean or denim material

-Tank tops, midriffs, undershirts worn as outer shirts, halter tops, hooded shirts

-Clothing which are torn, have holes or are ragged

-Skirts, shorts, dresses, jumpers shorter than knee length

-Outer coats, windbreakers, or any article of clothing that covers the face and or head including but not limited to hats, visors, scares, earmuffs, headbands, do-rags, bandannas, curlers, goggles and sunglasses

-Beepers, walkman-type players, cell phones, laser pens and other electronic devices

-footwear which causes noisy distraction or open toe

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