Hopeville School Governance Council

Hopeville School Governance Council

School Governance Councils provide a remarkable opportunity for Connecticut schools to engage with families and community members in a partnership to make our schools centers of excellence that prepare all students for success. Councils are intended to represent the diverse interests of the families, teachers, students and community members that make up the school population.


Our Elected Members Are:




Gina Paternostro 

Alicia Brandes

Maria Cruz

Kristy Matthews


Community Members:

Somers Thin Strip - Gloria DesRoches/Mike Bellagamba

South Congregational Church - Vince Caggiano



Jessica Hayes

Margaret Rucker

Anecca Mattison

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Norma Macias

Cristina Mercado

Blerina Pulaha


Mary Ann Marold

Parent Liaison:

Mercedes Rivera





Hopeville Elementary School
2 Cypress St
Waterbury, CT 06706
Phone: 203.574.8173

Fax: 203.597.3419