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Physical Education - Sara Guererra

Welcome back!!  My name is Sara Guerrera and I have been the Physical Education teacher at Woodrow Wilson School for several years now.  I am looking forward to another fun filled year of fitness, sports, and fun.  Here's some important information to know:
P. E. clothes:
Students should wear gym clothes and sneakers on their P.E. day.  This is very important to the safety of all students.  Here is a schedule of what day each class has P.E.:
C day:  Ramirez PreK, Pelletier PreK, Lichaa & Quinones K, Mastropietro 1st, Paolino 2nd, Alonzo 3rd, Sullivan 4th.
D day: Barbosa ESS, Quesnel K, Williamson 1st, Lawson 3rd, Rydingsward 4th, Fengler K
E day: Perella PreK, Kroc & DeJesus PreK, Richo K, Schulte 1st, Perelli K, Coelho 5th
The Physical Fitness Assessment:
Students in 4th grade will be tested this fall on 4 assessments.  These include a 1 mile run, # of curl-ups, # of push-ups, and a sit and reach (stretching/flexibility).  The students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade already are aware of this test.  It is important that students practice the testing requirements at home.  If a 4th grader passes ALL 4 of the requirements, they will receive a certificate.  Students passing all 4 tests should be VERY proud of themselves!!!
Positive Behavior:
Its important that students show me positive behavior in P.E. class.  We are ALL rewarding positive behavior in the classroom, hallways, bus, etc.  Students are also rewarded in P.E. class for positive behavior.  I have a sticker chart and I use stamps to reward students for their behavior.  We practice respect, sportsmanship, fairness, caring, self-control and many other behaviors in class. 
Throughout the year, students will take part in many activities and sports.  I teach basic sports skills and games of basketball, soccer, volleyball, T-ball (baseball), football, and many more.  We also play many exciting games involving fitness, cooperation, exercise, teamwork and more. 
Healthy Eating: 
Its very important for our students to stay active and eat right.  Here are some great websites to check out:
As our year progresses, I will keep you posted on exciting news on how our students are doing in Physical Education!!!



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