Student Contract for PBIS:



Positive Behavior Support

Event Criteria Contract




Dear Students,

As you know, PBIS offers rewards to students who consistently display behavior that demonstrates the ARTS acronym: Achieve, Respect, Trust, and Succeed. Throughout the rest of the school year events will take place to reward students for their positive behavior. These events will include Character Counts Celebrations, quarterly reward events, and our end of the year Lake Compounce trip. Below you will find the criteria that needs to be met in order to qualify for these events:


Criteria to Qualify for PBIS Quarterly Events


  1. Pass all classes for the marking period -65%

  2. No ISS, OSS or Detentions for the marking period

  3. No more than 2 unexcused absences for the marking period

  4. No more than 2 unexcused tardies for the marking period


    Criteria to Qualify for PBIS End of the Year Lake Compounce Trip


  5. Student academic, attendance, and discipline records will be reviewed from October 20th 2015 to the day of the trip.

  6. You can not be failing more than one class during the stated time period.

  7. No more than 7 unexcused absences or tardies during the stated time period

  8. No ISS, OSS or after school detentions during the stated time period

  9. All notes to excuse absences must be received by May 13th.


    Please sign below to show you have read and understand the criteria that need to be met in order to participate in the PBIS events.


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