Our Vision


The Bilingual/ESOL Education Department will provide a superior continuum of services and support for English Learners (ELs), promoting the development of academic and social English in an emotionally safe and nurturing environment that promotes self-efficacy and cultivates leadership skills.


The Bilingual/ESOL Education Department will provide English Learners with talented and highly qualified personnel who are invested in their students’ academic, social and emotional success.  Partnerships established between students, families, schools and the community will ensure English Learners continue to learn and grow beyond the school setting.  Through individualized support, English Learners will develop the necessary social and academic English skills that promote high achievement and encourage self-efficacy while developing essential skills required of future leaders for life-long success.


The tree, like many of our students and staff,   has deep roots.  Our roots can be traced back to many countries.  Trees start from tiny little seeds, each one containing the potential for growth and expansion.  Resilient branches can reach far into the sky while strong roots provide a firm, solid foundation, anchoring them safely to the ground.  Under the right conditions, each one can grow and blossom to its full potential.

Colors:  Blue and Green

Together, blue and green are reminiscent of the planet earth.  Our students’ roots are far reaching, encompassing places all over the world.  Blue represents confidence and intelligence.  Green symbolizes growth and harmony, and is associated with safety. 

Bilingual Education
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