Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


25 Carnegie Unites are required for graduation.  All students must follow the core curriculum as outlined by the Board of Education.

            The Waterbury Board of Education has set up the following requirements.  In order to graduate a student must have successfully completed a minimum of 25 Carnegie Units and follow a core curriculum as outlined below. Students must meet three performance standards:  literacy (reading/writing), numeracy, and technology.  The district’s performance standards shall take effect for the class of 2023. 


Students must pass:

1.  Four years of English

2.  Three years of Social Studies composed of one year of United States History and ½ year of Roots of American Citizenship (Civics).

3.  Three years of Math

4.  Two years of Science

5.  One year of Physical Education/One marking period of Health Education

6.  One year of either Arts of Vocational Education

7.  17 Sessions annually of Substance Abuse Education


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