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Allied Health

Allied Health Department


Ms. Nancy DiPaola

Ms. Joyce Williams

Allied Health is a two year sequential program designed to give students an introduction to the health care field. The program consists of classroom theory and clinical skill practice in classroom laboratory settings prior to placement at clinical sites. Students acquire their clinical experience in both acute care and chronic / long-term care facilities under the supervision of their (RN) teachers. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to sit for the State of CT Nurse Aide Certification Exam.



Allied Health is a two-year school-to-career program based upon the developmental model that encourages sequential learning. The program is offered at each of the three public high schools in Waterbury and is intended to attract interested students into allied health-related careers. Active recruitment and interviewing of prospective students is done by the teacher/coordinator. This is done to ensure that the student is fully aware of the program’s requirements, regulations, and opportunities. The teacher/coordinator also works closely with the high school administration, faculty, and guidance counselors throughout this process. The teacher/coordinator also plans and works cooperatively with local hospitals and healthcare facilities to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships to effectively implement the program to ensure quality student outcomes.


The focus is on preparing students for allied health-related careers and stimulating an interest in furthering their education. The teacher/coordinator achieves this by assisting students in making informed and meaningful occupational and educational choices.


The program is based upon a block schedule designed to fulfill the academic requirements for graduation as well as to complete the allied health components, which include hands-on clinical training and completion of the State of Connecticut mandated skills for certified nursing assistants (CNA). Upon successful completion of the Allied Health Program and the certification exam, students will receive a nursing assistant certificate approved by the Connecticut State Department of Health, CPR certification, and first aid certification in addition to their high school diploma.


The expected outcome is that the student will not only become acquainted with a variety of healthcare specialties, but will learn workplace readiness skills, job responsibilities, the ability to work well with others, and develop habits and attitudes needed for successful employment or further education.


685      ALLIED HEALTH 1                       GRADE: 11                      CREDITS: 3.00

The junior year focuses on the Allied Health 1 curriculum which is based on the Connecticut certified nursing assistant required theory and skills. The students fulfill the required clinical component at Waterbury Hospital where they complete over 100 clinical hours on the inpatient units.


686      ALLIED HEALTH 2                       GRADE: 12                      CREDITS: 3.00

The senior year focuses on the Allied Health 2 curriculum and is known as the medical career component. During this tie students are assigned to work in a hospital department and function as part of the respective health care team. Employability skills, workplace readiness skills, as well as clinical theory and clinical skills are stressed. Students complete over 200 clinical hours at Waterbury Hospital. Time is also spent on resume preparation, job-searching strategies, and interviewing skills.

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