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The story behind Wallace Lion PRIDE:
In the fall of 2019, we worked to reimagine our school's core values. We searched for an acronym that was multi-dimensional - one that represented not only our core values, but also the majesty, strength, and courage represented by our Lion mascot as well as the desired family and team aspects of our school community.

The word PRIDE does just that. Scientifically, a "lion pride" is a family unit of anywhere from 2 to 40 lions. Symbolically, the word PRIDE represents our core values of Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Metaphorically, the word "pride" reminds us to be proud of what we do each day, to remain strong, to be courageous, and that we are all connected on the same team and family.

Our team is proud of you!  Be proud you are a Wallace Lion!


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