Parent Liaisons

Last Updated: 4/22/2020 4:53 PM
Parent Liaisons are integral members of the staff at each school. They are critical in communicating information to parents regarding school events, highlights and pertinent information about their child's education.
Shirley Petteway  Bucks Hill  346-2624 
VACANT Bunker Hill     
Jean Creaven Carrington   574-8184
Doreen Melendez Chase   573-5023 
Doreen Graham Crosby  574-8080
Margaret Rocco  Wendell Cross  573-6613 
Lauren Kilcourse Driggs  346-3527 
Tina St. Pierre Duggan  574-8881
VACANT Generali      
Amy Mancini Gilmartin  346-2619 
Mercedes Rivera  Hopeville   573-6617 
Ann Marie Brites Kennedy 574-8150, ext. 437
Maria Hulse Kingsbury  346-2639 
Terri Grabowski Maloney  574-8272
VACANT Reed    
Patricia Poulter  Regan  346-2603 
Lauren Martin Rotella  573-5035
Vjollca Demirali  Sprague   346-3916
VACANT Tinker     
Nicole Cuevas Walsh  574-8451 
Divina DeCena Washington  573-5031 
Nakiea Newman Waterbury Arts   573-6317 
Asia Montgomery Waterbury Career Academy 574-6014
Esther Brown Wilson  573-6664
    Zhane Gomes Walton     North End   574-6735
Debra Hayes  Wallace  346-3940 
Laura Caceres  West Side   574-8121
Gaylynn Hadley Wilby 574-8163
Denise Foster  Enlightenment   574-8050 
Denise Foster State Street  574-8028
Barbara Tenor* 236 Grand St.  574-8354
Shynea Paris** One Jefferson Sq. 346-3511, ext. 4058

                                                                                                                                                               (Revised 9-25-20)

*Barbara Tenor - Community Connections Coordinator

**Shynea Paris - Liaison to the Homeless 

Schools with Bilingual Centers: Bucks Hill, Chase and Hopeville

Schools with Family Resource Centers: Reed and Wilson

Waterbury Public Schools
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