Magnet School Lottery Information

Waterbury currently has three interdistrict magnet schools:  Maloney (pre-kindergarten through fifth grade), Rotella (pre-kindergarten through fifth grade) and the Waterbury Arts Magnet School (sixth through twelfth grades).  Each offers a specialized program in addition to regular district curriculum.  Maloney is noted for its Japanese language, technology and multicultural emphasis.  Rotella offers an integrated arts curriculum, where teaching and learning is integrated through an arts approach.  The Waterbury Arts Magnet School has both a middle school and high school program.  The WAMS middle school program provides an introduction to the arts, including visual arts, music, theater and dance.  The high school program allows for a focused study on one area of the arts, such as dance, music, theater, video production, or visual arts.  For more information on these programs, see the individual school web sites by clicking on the schools link off the home page of the district web site.

By state regulation, application to each of these three schools is by LOTTERY only.  Lottery applications are made available for a set period of time, usually early in the calendar year.  Lottery applications close in sping. Following the close of the application period, a lottery will take place, during which each application will be assigned a place on the acceptance list.  If there are more applications than there are seats, a wait list will be  created.  Students on the wait list will be offered seats if seats become available. 

Once a student is accepted into the school, the student may remain at the school; however, if a student transfers out of the school for any reason, his or her place at the school will be lost. 

It is important to note that historically the City receives more applications than there are seats available.  Most seats are available at the entrance grade (for example, pre-kindergarten in the two elementary schools and sixth grade at the Waterbury Arts Magnet School). 



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