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District's Blueprint for Change

Every few years, the Waterbury Public Schools undergoes a strategic planning process that culminates in a multi-year plan for educational improvement. This plan serves as an important blueprint for all educators, guiding the district forward in its goals to improving student achievement in literacy and numeracy and providing students with a healthy and safe learning environment while encouraging parents to participate in a meaningful way in their children's education.

Waterbury's first District Improvement Plan, Empowering for Success, was developed in 2000, to serve as a guide for school improvement.  This plan sought to provide the map needed to move forward to educational excellence in student achievement, cultural diversity, long range planning, effective assessment, and monitoring of expenditures.  It was developed through the cooperation of Central Office staff, principals, teachers, students, parents, and school community organizations.  This strategic plan, based on the input from educators and the community, will improve accountability and raise expectations for the district. 

The first District Improvement Plan followed a specific timeline for improvements (2000-2005) and was cited by the State Department of Education as an exemplary plan. Since then, the district has updated its strategic plan three times.  The latest plan, Blueprint for Change: Moving Forward for Student Success, was approved by the Board of Education in December of 2012 and will serve as a guideline for educators through 2015, then updated through 2017.

The district is currently working on new strategic plans for educational reform based on Portrait of a Graduate.  

Please be aware that these are large files and may some time to download.

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