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Teacher of the Year Program

Last Updated: 8/2/2019 5:20 PM

Waterbury's Teacher of the Year Program

Each year Waterbury Public Schools have the opportunity to select one teacher to serve as its school-level Teacher of the Year.  Each school level Teahcer of the Year is then eligible to be considered for the district wide Teacher of the Year program.  The district wide Waterbury Teacher of the Year is then eligible to compete for the Connecticut State Teacher of the Year award.


            The teacher selected should be exemplary in the classroom but also someone who goes above and beyond the basic requirements of teaching.  He or she should contribute to the school culture and demonstrate commitment to the school community.  This teacher should be representative of the school in which he / she teaches and be able and willing to represent Waterbury (if selected) in the state competition.  Teachers must be full-time contracted teachers in the district and must have a minimum of five years teaching experience in the district, with at least two years experience in that school.

            Anyone may nominate a teacher for this honor (self-nominations, nominations by administration or staff, or nominations by parents).  All nominations are to be made anonymously on the form provided.  Given that significant paperwork is required of all teachers nominated for Connecticut State Teacher of the Year, all nominees should have an opportunity to serve as a school level winner and withdraw his / her name from the district level process if he / she would not be agreeable to continuing on in the state competition if selected as district Teacher of the Year. 

            Principals will form (or use an existing committee) to develop a pool of three nominees for the building. No nominee may serve on this committee.  If the committee used is a standing committee within the building, then nominees MUST recuse themselves from any deliberations on this subject.

            The Principal will choose the ONE building winner from these three nominees and submit this selection – along with a letter of support describing WHY this teacher was chosen - to the Teacher of the Year Committee, care of Nancy Vaughan, 236 Grand Street, Room 341, Waterbury, CT 06702.  This letter of support will form the basis for selection of the district wide Teacher of the Year from the list of school winners, along with an application submitted by the teacher.   Each school Teacher of the Year will receive a certificate at a recognition ceremony in June (date to be announced). 


2019 Teacher of the Year Award Winners


Waterbury's newest Teacher of the Year is Lisa M. Romano, Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School.

Mrs. Romano is a true teacher, whether she is in her classroom, outside at recess, in the auditorium monitoring, she inspires students to do their best. Lisa is a lifelong learner, just receiving her 6th year leadership degree, visiting colleagues during her prep time to sharpen her skills, and sharing articles with colleagues and her twitter followers. This year she started a Leadership Program with 5th grade students, and it is amazing how much these students have grown as leaders. She is a compassionate, sincere teacher as evidenced by the fact that five of her colleagues chose to nominate her, each complimenting her on her passion and drive.

SCHOOL                         TEACHER            

Bucks Hill                         Megan Drewry       

Bucks Hill Pre-K              Emily Howard        

Bunker Hill                       Bjanka Avxhiu

Carrington                        Kathy Delaney       

Chase                              Leslie Dempsey    

W. Cross                         Michelle Gasparri

Driggs                              Mauralee Connolly

Duggan                            Jill Diorio                 

Generali                           Mark Gonillo

Gilmartin                          Jessica Sconziano

Hopeville                          Maria Cristina Cruz

Kingsbury                         Anna Gauvin

Maloney                           Jennifer Hibbs

Reed                                Marissa M. Waters 

Regan                              Kevin Mitchell

Rotella                             Lisa M. Romano

Sprague                           Kristina Martinez

Tinker                              Jessica Hartley

Walsh                              Talisha DeGroate

Washington                     Colleen Langan

Wilson                             Tara Healey

Enlightenment                 Jocelyn Marie Person

State St.                           Benjamin Germain

North End                         Kara Elizabeth Poulter

Wallace                            Marcy Pogodzienski 

West Side                        Melissa Chapman

Crosby                             Charlotte Sullivan

Kennedy                          Melissa Leigh Gagne

Waterbury Arts Magnet   Jaime Larson

Waterbury Career Academy Jaclyn Lestage

Wilby                               John Curley

Paraprofessionals of the Year: Gina Turner (Chase School) and Angelina Irizarry (Pre- K, Maloney Magnet School)

Support Staff of the Year: Ann Marie Shelton (Building Sub, Gilmartin)

Administrator of the Year: Inez Ramirez (Kingsbury School)


2018 Teacher of the Year Award Winners


Waterbury's newest Teacher of the Year is Ryan Carpenter, English/Language Arts teacher,
North End Middle School. Just a few of the highlights from his career:

· Initiated NEMS’ participation in the vocabulary.com bowl - NEMS scored highest middle school in CT.

· Developed curriculum around the book Bronx Masquerade which has since been adopted by other schools in the district.

· Three-time winner Generali Grant.

· Four projects funded through DonorsChoose.

· Head coach boys baseball team.  Assistant coach cross country team.

· Presented school and district-wide professional development and served as a TEAM Mentor for
beginning teachers.

· Coordinates 8th grade activities.

· Teacher in CPEP program.

SCHOOL                         TEACHER            

Bucks Hill                         Jennifer O’Donnell

Bucks Hill Pre-K               Byron Danziger

Bunker Hill                       Susan Groppi

Carrington                        Lori Riggi

Chase                              Maureen Keeley

Crosby                             Mimi De La Rosa

Driggs                              Katherine Card

Duggan                            Michele Brittingham

Enlightenment School      Mark LaChance

Generali                           Cara O'Brien Manforte

Gilmartin                           Emily Summa

Hopeville School              Ralph Cantito

Kennedy                           Carla Guglielmo

Kingsbury School             Kristen Caligiun

Maloney Magnet              Karen Silva

North End                        Ryan Carpenter

Reed School                   Maureen Miller

Regan                             Rhianne LeFevre

Rotella Magnet School   Lauren Argenta

Sprague                          Helen Kaminsky

State St                           Andrew Bandurski

Tinker School                 Jacqueline Mulhern

Wallace                           Diana Perosino

Walsh                             Jenna Davino

WAMS                            Patrick Ospalek

Washington                    Carli Carpentieri

WCA                               John O’Toole

Wendell Cross                Doreen Bousaada

West Side                       Darryl Parker

Wilby                              Nancy DiPaola

Wilson                            Sara Guerrera

Paraprofessionals of the Year: Ann Cianciolo (Wilby High School), Patricia Zorskis (West Side Middle School), and Nadia Facey (Bucks Hill Elementary School)

Support Staff of the Year: Doreen Melendez (Chase School, Parent Liaison)

Administrator of the Year: Lisa Ariola Simoes (State Street)


2017 Teacher of the Year Award Winners

Waterbury's newest Teacher of the Year is Yolanda Lee-Gorishti, a science teacher at Crosby High School. 

Just a few of the highlights from her career:

She has completed her coursework for a PhD. .

She teaches grade 9 Physical Science and Grade 11 and 12 Human Biology. She has previously taught

Biology, and Meteorology and Astronomy.

She is a professor of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut (2003 to present) and in the Earth

Science Department at Southern Connecticut (2004 to present).

She started Crosby’s branch of the Science National Honor Society, and the organization is thriving. Students do community-service work, including tutoring other students at Crosby twice each week.

She organized the STEM Fair at Crosby for the past four years.

She supervises the Environmental Science Club at Crosby.

She serves on the Science District Curriculum Committee and has helped write district assessments for science (mid-terms, final exam, and CFA’s).

SCHOOL                               TEACHER                                                                                       

Bucks Hill                               Kristin Wheeler*                    

Bucks Hill Pre-K                     Mary Ann Dzinski                 

Bunker Hill                             Sonya Fleming                       

Carrington                               Carolyn Cancellaro                

Chase                                      Laurie A. Moffo*                              

W. Cross                                 Mary Lepper                          

Driggs                                     Karen Griffin             

Duggan                                   Kathleen McKeeman                                                 

Generali                                   Kimberly Ruscz Maffia                                 

Gilmartin                                 Krista Zaccagnini                   

Hopeville                                 Melissa Parisi             

Kingsbury                               Lee DiBella*                          

Maloney                                  Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson**                       

Reed                                        Cindy Albizu                         

Regan                                      Blair Russell*             

Rotella                                     Ashley L. McLaren*              

Sprague                                   Debra Robinson                     

Tinker                                      Jennifer Dimech                     

Walsh                                      Ana Paris                    

Washington                             Shannon Colby                                  

Wilson                                     Ressie Parker                          

Enlightenment                         Thomas Rund

State St.                                  Nancee Luciano         

North End                               Kim Collette              

Wallace                                   Melissa Banks                                    

West Side                                Anne Olear                 

Crosby                                     Yolanda Lee-Gorishti**                    

Kennedy                                 Marlena Scialla*                                 

Waterbury Arts Magnet          Cheryl N. Crossley*               

Waterbury Career Academy   Carly Lindley 

Wilby                                      Stephanie LaBonte**


*Denotes teacher was a semi-finalist for Waterbury Teacher of the Year.

**Denotes teacher was a finalist for Waterbury Teacher of the Year. 




Ann Grace Spizzoucco. Mrs. Spizzoucco has taught sixth grade ELA at Wallace since 2005. She has also taught Italian at both Wallace and Crosby High School. She has served as a member of the school-wide Leadership Team, as a facilitator for the Data team, as a member of the School Governance Council of both Wallace and Crosby, and as a mentor for the check-in/check-out program for students at risk.

Among her accomplishments: 89% to 96% of her students have scored proficient or higher on the 6th grade CMTs. She maintains a portfolio for each student’s work over the course of the year, and both she and the student are always pleased with the progress the student has made over that time. 

She attributes much of her teaching success to high expectations. She expects much from her students, and she creates an atmosphere where students want to do well. As a result, those students succeed.

Mrs. Spizzoucco recently asked her students what they would say about her. Many spoke of her commitment to their education. Many highlighted that she was tough but fair. All showed a tremendous amount of respect for her as an educator.  


SCHOOL                             TEACHER                                                                                       

Bucks Hill                             Amy O’Leary             

Bucks Hill Pre-K                    Laure-Lyne Mancini              

Bunker Hill                            Maryellen Perugini                 

Carrington                             Eileen McDonnell                  

Chase                                   Steven Matthews                               

W. Cross                               MaryLou Rinaldi                               

Driggs                                   Margaret Caizzo                     

Duggan                                  Christine Miller                                                          

Generali                                 Pamela Sarasin                                   

Gilmartin                                Karen Ieronimo Griffin                      

Hopeville                                Anne Harvey                                      

Kingsbury                               Bret Bisaillon                         

Maloney                                 Terri Daly                               

Reed                                      Julio Garcia                            

Regan                                    Jason Dombrowski                 

Rotella                                   Christina Altieri                     

Sprague                                  Ann Tucker                

Tinker                                     Lauren Olsen              

Walsh                                     Ariola Radhi              

Washington                             Emily Byron                           

Wilson                                    Linda Boisvert                                   

Alternative Programs               Matthew Wiener                                

North End                               John Costa                 

Wallace                                   Ann Grace Spizzoucco                                  

West Side                                Donajean Belcher                   

Crosby                                     Madeline Nolan                     

Kennedy                                  Robert Lopez                         

Waterbury Arts Magnet             Brenda Taylor            

Waterbury Career Academy       Linda Richard

Wilby                                      Matthew Magda                                 




 Jahana Hayes, a John F. Kennedy High School history teacher, is an exemplary educator who brings a sense of “community” to the classroom. Not only does she encourage her students to “give back” but she also goes out into the community to meet parents, attend student performances or athletic events and participates in community events.

Jahana attributes part of her success as a teacher to the fact that she can readily relate to her students. As she described it during her interview, “I am that urban child.”  She is particularly proud to have spear-headed and effort to write a successful grant proposal with Dr. Tucker and Louise Brown for a $25,000 planning grant to recruit minority staff to the district.

Jahana is the current chair of the SOAR Review Board at Kennedy and has previously served as Lead Teacher for the 21st Century After School Program (2007-2014) and as the NEASC Committee Chairperson and Visiting Committee Member (2010-2014). She is also the current Chairperson of the Kennedy School Governance Council.

She currently teaches a wide range of students, from 9th grade World History honors SOAR to a 12th grade African American History class whose curriculum she wrote. 


SCHOOL                              TEACHER                                                                                                                                      

Bucks Hill                             Ashley Mucciaro               

Bucks Hill Pre-K                    Stacey Salvietti                   

Bunker Hill                            Laura Reed                         

Carrington                             Christine MacDonald   

Chase                                  Lisa Quinn                       

W. Cross                              Kacey Sullivan                   

Driggs                                  Mary Moynihan

Duggan                                 Lisa Ieronimo

Generali                                Tracey Genua

Gilmartin                               Shernett Evans-Foster

Hopeville                               Kelley Wells

Kingsbury                             Alana DeFazio

Maloney                               Holly Smith

Reed                                   Denise Griffin

Regan                                  Lindsay O’Brien

Rotella                                Rosalie Veneziano

Sprague                              Shelby Goderre

Tinker                                 Mary Lafountain

Walsh                                 Patricia Spinella

Washington                         Jay Lanouette

Wilson                                Kelly Fengler

Alternative Programs           Deborah April

North End                           Miriam Wilson

Wallace                              Debra Gluz

West Side                          Tracy Padua-Racine

Crosby                               Tracy LeClerc

Kennedy                            Jahana Hayes

Waterbury Arts Magnet       John Mobilio

Waterbury Career Academy Michael Blasavage

Wilby                                 David Krill


2014 Teacher of the Year Award Winners

This year's Waterbury Teacher of the Year is Patricia Williams, Wallace Middle School.  Patricia is an exemplary educator who impressed our selection committee with her commitment to constantly reflect on her own performance as a teacher each day with the goal of improving her teaching so that her students can learn and achieve.  They liked her characterization of our students as having “big personalities” that can be put to full advantage in an active classroom environment.

 Building Winners:                                              

Bucks Hill                   Tina Taylor                 

Bucks Hill Pre-K         Sharon Taylor DiFederico                  

Bunker Hill                 Christine Schenzer     

Carrington                   Diane Mauceri            

Chase                          Andrew Luchina        

W. Cross                     Michelle Testa            

Driggs                          Jessica Sconziano

Duggan                       Jessica Rivera                         

Generali                       Amy Neibel                

Gilmartin                     Lisa Marie Klem

Hopeville                     Jason Mastrianni                    

Kingsbury                   Claire Hamel

Maloney                      Paul Murray   

Reed                            Elizabeth Hosking                  

Rotella                         Angela Heidgerd                   

Sprague                       Erin Ellington                         

Tinker                          Amy Mackay             

Walsh                          Megan Linehan          

Washington                 Melissa Calabrese                   

Wilson                         Jennifer Deeley                      

North End                   Deanna Hassan                                  

Wallace                       Patricia Williams        

West Side                    Melissa Perkins

Crosby                         Donna Mancuso                     

Kennedy                     Michael Clark             

Wilby                          Rossella Pulit             

Waterbury Arts Magnet          Meaghan Macary       

Enlightenment / State St.        Caryn Stellmach

Waterbury Career Academy   Ellen Perugini


2013 Teacher of the Year Award Winners

The Waterbury Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014 is Nina Agostine-Smith, Waterbury Arts Magnet School. Nina has ten years of teaching experience, all of them in her current position as a Theater Arts teacher, with 105 students assigned to her.  She is a graduate of the University of Scranton and of Chapman  University.   Her community involvement includes Kyla’s Road to the Cure, Shakesperience Productions, the Seven Angels Theater HALO awards, and Autism Speaks. As part of her theater arts productions, she regularly develops and distributes study guides for fellow teachers, including lesson plans, text analysis, and possible research opportunities for students, so that the production ties in to current curriculum. 

 Building Winners:                                              

Bucks Hill                   Anne Marie Fortuna               

Bucks Hill Pre-K         Karen Sullivan           

Bunker Hill                 Maryann Peschel                    

Carrington                   Jos Gagnon                

Chase                          Elizabeth Whitney     

W. Cross                     Elizabeth Gedraitis                

Driggs                          Zita Blake

Duggan                       Michelle Bell                          

Generali                       Michelle Predzimirski             

Gilmartin                     Nichalene Genovese

Hopeville                     Richard (Judd) Smith            

Kingsbury                   Anna Arcari   

Maloney                      Alzira Egan    

Reed                            Arleen Ruiz    

Regan                          Lisa Romano  

Rotella                         Suzanne Dionne                     

Sprague                       Patricia Lombardi                              

Tinker                          Mary Hallock             

Walsh                          Linda Strange

Washington                 Alicia Schiavo            

Wilson                         Stephanie Wright                   

North End                   Marie McDermott                              

Wallace                       Jennifer Formato        

West Side                    Elizabeth Bartley

Crosby                         Dana Forino               

Kennedy                     Lorraine Langlais                   

Wilby                          Jeanette Zuraitis                     

Waterbury Arts Magnet          Nina Agostine Smith 

Enlightenment / State St.        Melissa Levesque       



2012 Teacher of the Year Award Winners


Vincent  Balsamo, a math teacher at Kennedy High School, was selected as Waterbury teacher of the Year, after three finalists, Mr. Balsamo, Mary Monroe from Rotella, and Fatos Meka, from West Side, were selected and interviewed.  He is the creator and lead mentor of Kennedy’s FIRST Robotics team, the Nuts and Bolts of Fury.  He encourages his students to participate in everything that benefits them and urges them to remember that “Organization is key.”   He feels that all students want to feel accepted and capable and that it is important that he model positive skills. 


Bucks Hill                             Lindsey Federico  

Bucks Hill Pre-K                  Jennifer Drechsler

Bunker Hill                           Louise Byron     

Carrington                            Mary Baker      

Chase                                    Amy Rice        

W. Cross                              Linda McGill    

Driggs                                   Ashley Treichel

Duggan                                 Richard Hart

Generali                                 Karen Rutkowsky

Gilmartin                               Kelly Croce

Hopeville                             Laureen Lambo

Kingsbury                           Feigie Radner

Maloney                              Patricia Yurchyk

Regan                                  Rowena Zylali

Rotella                                 Mary Monroe

Sprague                               Cheryl Newland

Tinker                                 Mary Case

Walsh                                 Josefa Perez

Washington                      MaryAnn Malgari

Wilson                              Molly Mendez

North End                         Dana Wallace,

Wallace                             Bridget Regan

West Side                         Fatos Meka

Crosby                               Ryan McDonald

Kennedy                          Vincent Balsamo

Wilby                               Patricia Seymour

Waterbury Arts Magnet    Jeanette Gumbulevich

Enlightenment / State St.    Sue Phelan







James Butler exemplifies what great teaching looks like and his students leave with confidence and exceptional content knowledge, ready to meet the challenges of the world. Whether in the cafeteria, on bus duty or as co-advisor of the senior class, Mr. Butler possesses the innate ability, through compassion and reasoning, to have garnered the respect of colleagues and students in any situation. Jamie has been teaching for twelve years and is an outstanding Social Studies teacher and mentor. He develops and implements lessons that are steeped in authentic tasks by placing students in the moment that is being examined and by aligning connections to the curriculum of other disciplines (art, theater). 


2011 Teacher of the Year Award Winners

Barnard                 Frances Finkenzeller

Brooklyn                Carla Fidanza

Bucks Hill               Mary Wozniak

Bucks Hill Pre-K       Heidi Fay

Bunker Hill              Michael T. Labagh

Carrington               Pia Behlman

Chase                     Julia Matthews

W. Cross                 Johnna DiVito

Driggs                     Brenda Falcone

Generali                  Nikki Barbieri

Gilmartin                 Teresa Morais

Kingsbury                Eric Feeney

Maloney                  Domenica Zurlo

Regan                    Marion Ciarlo

Rotella                   Kelly Pinho

Sprague                 Maureen Miller

Tinker                    Jennifer Dimech

Walsh                   Yvonne Brown

Washington           Allysa J. Lombardo

Wilson                  Tara Schulte

North End              Maria N. Pesce

Wallace                Sharyn Ogrodnik

West Side            Marla Valente

Crosby                 Jennifer Stone

Kennedy              David A. Peruta

Wilby                   Raymond Byron

Waterbury Arts Magnet           James C. Butler

Enlightenment / State St.        Dana Coelho





 2010 This year’s Waterbury Teacher of the Year is JoAnne Piccirillo, a fifth grade teacher from Carrington School.  JoAnne is an outstanding teacher who challenges her students in creative ways, motivating each student to do his or her best.  She goes beyond teaching content to training her students to self-evaluate and guide their own learning.  For JoAnne, the world is full of real-life lessons she can bring back to the classroom. From listening to current events on the news to looking for science experiments in her flower garden, she is constantly looking for new ways to connect learning with life.  She has helped many of her students reach high levels of academic performance.

 JoAnne is also a strong member of Carrington’s School Improvement Team as well as a leading member of the school’s Professional Learning Communities team.  According to her colleagues, she never stops teaching.  In addition to her classroom, she teaches summer school and after-school as well.


JoAnne will be representing Waterbury in the Connecticut Teacher of the Year program this fall. 

 In addition to JoAnne, a number of outstanding teachers were recognized as their schools’ Teachers of the Year during a May 26 ceremony at Crosby High School.  They are:


Barnard              Gail Mikolsky

Brooklyn             Susan Field

Bucks Hill           Patricia Ferrare

Bunker Hill          Robert Perriello

Carrington           JoAnne Piccirillo

Chase                 Joan Thomas

W. Cross             Elizabeth Marshall

Driggs                  Justine Kuncas

Generali               Kathy Scovill

Gilmartin              Lorraine Trudeau

Kingsbury             Susan Meaney

Maloney               Susana Sanchez

Regan                  Jackie Scarmo

Rotella                  Marlene Lindquist

Sprague                Karen Hanas

Tinker                    Cynthia Rinaldi

Walsh                    Lorraine Elsemore

Washington           Brian Gilmore

Wilson                  Chakisha Canady

North End              Luanelly Iglesias

Wallace                 Marilyn Porzio

West Side             Elizabeth Burgos

Crosby                  Jeanne Bissonnette

Kennedy                Don Mancuso

Wilby                     Isabel Nunes

Waterbury Arts Magnet       Joann D’Angelo               

Enlightenment / State St.        Kathy Cardino

Bucks Hill Pre-K                    Roberta Vendetti




2009 Teacher of the Year Award Winners

Waterbury Teacher of the Year is Alison Cremins, Kennedy High School


Buck’s Hill Annex       Medelise Hubbard                                                                                 

Barnard                     Suzanne Jokubaitis                                

Brooklyn                    Branden Strileckis                  

Buck’s Hill                  Melissa Ciccone                                     

Bunker Hill                 Maureen Lyon       

Carrington                 Julie Plaza                                              

Chase                        Elizabeth Castro                                    

W. Cross                    Alicia Pomerleau    

Driggs                        Bernadette Ouellette                              

Generali                     John Orzechowski                 

Gilmartin                    Kathleen Orzechowski                          

Hopeville                    Maria Ramirez                       

Kingsbury                   Laura Halloran                       

Maloney                     Margarita  Vargas                   

Regan                        Kevin Mitchell                       

Rotella                       Meg Harrigan         

Sprague                     Claudia Bergin

Tinker                         Cathy Grasso

Walsh                         Talisha Foy

Washington                Art Principe                           

W. Wilson                   Monica O’Neal      

North End                   MJ DeFazio                           

Wallace                       Jessica Dizenzo     

West Side                   Joanne Piel

Crosby                        Kirk Palladino                                                                        

Kennedy                     Alison Cremins      

Waterbury Arts Magnet  Licia Fitzpatrick    

Wilby                          Syliva Demicco   

Enlightenment            Gail Moriarty

State St.                     (alternates with Enlightenment each year)



2007 Teacher of the Year Award Winners












Waterbury Teacher of the year for the 2008-2009 CT competition is Seth Danner, a mathematics teacher at Wallace Middle School. 

2007-2008 (CT state 2008-2009) Award Recipients

Barnard                                   Maureen McCasland 
Buck’s Hill Annex                  Heather Burke                                                         
Buck’s Hill                              Christopher Chieppo                                              
Bunker Hill                             Jill Murphy-Gilmore              
Carrington                               Julio Garcia, Jr.                                       
Chase                                      Annette Cassullo                                    
W. Cross                                 Krista L. Holley      
Driggs                                      Joy Cass DeVivo                    
Generali                                   Lenore Gagain                                         
Gilmartin                                 Carolyn LaCapra                    
Kingsbury                               Nicole L. Dean                        
Maloney                                 Rosanne Stango                       
Regan                                      Marilyn N. Baker                   
Rotella                                     Catherine Molaskey               
Sprague                                   Joan Lattanzio
Walsh                                      Dolores Rodriguez
Washington                             Justine LeVasseur-Burke                        
W. Wilson                               Betzaida (Betsy) Vega            
North End                               Catherine A. Leogrande                          
Wallace                                    Seth Danner            
West Side                                Norma Napomiceno
Crosby                                    Rosemarie Pedro Carvalho                                                                      
Kennedy                                 Frank Purcaro         
Waterbury Arts Magnet         Adam Ciarleglio      

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