IRIS Alert System

Last Updated: 5/1/2020 3:41 PM

Access IRIS

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To access the IRIS (Immediate Response Information System), you will need valid login credentials. These are not linked to the credentials you use for Waterbury Public Schools email or computer access. If you do not have valid credentials, please request them by submitting a work order using the Track-It! Help Desk. If time is of the essence, call the Computer Technology Center. If you are directed to voicemail, you will probably get faster results by emailing Nick Chapman or Bill Foley: 

203-574-8347 | /

Accessing IRIS

1.      Visit the Waterbury Public Schools district website.

2.      Click the IRIS Alert System navigation link.

3.      Click the Access IRIS link.

4.      Enter your IRIS login credentials.

Managing Users and Groups

The base user group for any school should automatically be populated. Additionally, new students or student information changes in the student information system (AS400) should be mirrored in IRIS within 24 hours of the change. Other (sub)groups can be created, but will need to be maintained manually. This, in theory, could be used to allow an alert to be broadcasted to only a subgroup of members.

Manage Users

1.      From the IRIS Navigation Bar, hover over USERS then click Manage Users.

2.      Search for a user using their Last Name, Phone Number, or ID.

3.      Click on the user name and make any necessary changes.*
*Changes made in IRIS will not be represented in the Student Information System and may, in some instances, be overwritten on next import (within 24 hours). Therefore, changes to student contact information should be made to the Student Information System, not IRIS, in most circumstances.

Manage Groups

1.      From the IRIS Navigation Bar, hover over USERS then click Manage Groups.

2.      Note that primary groups such as schools can have multiple subgroups as described above.

3.      New groups can be added using the Create a New Group section.

4.      Click on a group name to manage (add or remove students) that group.

Broadcasting an Alert

1.      From the IRIS Navigation Bar, hover over ALERT then click Broadcast Alert.

2.      Take note of the 5-step process which will be displayed until the alert is successfully broadcast, saved, or canceled, and shows which step you are currently on.

[Step 1]

3.      Select one of the three available Alert Types - probably Text to Speech or Voice Recorded.

[Step 2]

4.      Select an Alert Degree, Category, and type a Subject. Severe takes priority over other alerts - use this when the information needs to go out immediately.  Low takes the longest to go out, and is fine for informational notices sent out days in advance.

5.      [If you chose Text to Speech alert] > Type the message you wish the recipients to hear.  You will be able to preview the message in a moment.
         [If you chose Voice Recorded alert] > Enter a phone number where you can be reached and click Call Me.  Shortly, you will receive a call and can record the message intended for your recipients.  You may want to write down what you want to say ahead of time.

6.      After typing or recording your message, you will be able to preview the audio message.  You can make changes to the text or re-record it, if necessary.

[Step 3]

7.      Utilize the Groups*, User Types*, and Grades sections to distinguish who should receive the message.  Leave Grades blank to avoid filtering by grade.  The Languages tab is not currently used.  *An error prompt will display if you forget to enter Groups or User Types criteria.

[Step 4]

8.      Verify the Alert Summary information and select a Start Date, Start Time, and End Time in the Call Scheduling section. Be sure to begin early, allow substantial time for calls, and set a reasonable End Time to prevent late calls.

9.      Use the Recipients section to fine-tune recipients if you wish.  Names with check-marks will be called.

10.  At this point, you can make further changes, start the alert broadcast, or save the alert for later use.

[Step 5]

11.  Review Alert Information

Reviewing an Alert

1.      From the IRIS Navigation Bar, hover over REPORTS then click Alerts.

2.      If the Alert is active or upcoming, it will be listed in the Alert Reports - Summary section.  Otherwise, you will need to search for Alerts by category, potentially using a date/date range.

3.      Click on the Pie Chart to see a detailed review of which students were called and the status of that phone call (went to voicemail, answering machine, answered by a human, etc.).

4.      The information can be exported to Excel if desired.

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