Smart Board Specifications

SMART Boards will be provided by RnB Enterprises.

Updated 2019.04

SMART Board Specs

If you don't need interactive (touch-screen) functionality, and just want to display content, a large monitor or TV will be vastly cheaper and can be purchased from our vendors such as tigerdirect, cdwg, or bhphotovideo, though mounting would have to be done by Waterbury staff.  The new specs have a Non-Interactive SMART Monitor option, but it is still notably more expensive than a comparable TV.

Interactive LCDs / SMART Monitors, which look like wall-mounted TVs and accept multi-touch, have largely replaced projectors in recent years.  They are back-lit, unlike projectors, and may reduce eye-strain for users depending on the lighting situation in the intended room.  They typically last longer than projectors and don't require replacement bulbs.  All models support 4K resolutions and should look notably better at close viewing distances (a smaller room), but require adequately powered PC as the video source.  Be sure to consult your building technician prior to purchase.  Current models include built-in computers which will allow limited functionality, but aren't a substitute for a traditional PC with SMART Notebook software for most users.

In prior years, cable packages were available which covered all the cabling needs.  These are no longer available.  Due to the multitude of combinations, it didn't seem reasonable.  While all LCDs come a USB cable, a display cable of appropriate length, with consideration of the video source, should be chosen.  Please speak with your tech if you are unsure which cables to purchase.

There are just two mounts for LCDs: one for wall mounting and one for "build-out" (over whiteboard / chalk board) mounting.  If in doubt, get the "build-out" mount.  The install labor fee is bundled into the Interactive LCD/Monitor cost.  For pricing without the fee bundled, contact Nick Chapman at the Computer Technology Center.

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