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Board of Education Overview

The Mission of Waterbury Public Schools is to inspire and prepare every student to be successful in and beyond school.

Board Authority and Responsibility

The Board of Education is ultimately responsible for ensuring that Waterbury residents have access to a free, quality public education through high school. Connecticut law charges the Board with specific and often broad authority over the administration of Waterbury Public Schools. For example, the Board of Education exercises control over school buildings and property, employs and supervises the Superintendent of Schools, accepts a budget for transmission to the Mayor per Waterbury Charter and approves curriculum. A lengthier and more specific listing of the Board’s authority can be found in Chapter 10 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

While the Board has broad authority over Waterbury Public Schools, much of this authority is delegated to the Superintendent of Schools and other district employees. The Board of Education functions, not as management responsible for the administration of the school district, but as a board of directors responsible for establishing a vision for Waterbury Public Schools and monitoring its progress in reaching that vision.

For additional information please contact the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Education:

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