Academic Academy

Last Updated: 8/9/2019 1:57 PM

Students LearningThe Academic Academy is a rigorous, academically stimulating, creative,exciting, thought-provoking, inspiring, scholastically challenging learning environment.


The Waterbury Public School Academic Academy will have its inaugural year in 2019-2020. The Academic Academy is a program for excelling students in grades 4-8. The program is housed within Wallace Middle School, encompassing the school within a school model. Students who have been accepted into the Academic Academy completed an extensive process which included writing an essay and completing a formal interview with a panel of district officials. Each student selected demonstrated their desire and ability to enter a classroom with great demands and a higher-level of instruction.

Adopting a Model for Learning

As we progress in the Academy Model, students will participate in a learning model that supports talented and gifted students, and students who desire a more rigorous and enriched learning environment.

  • Students will participate in an enrichment based learning model
  • Access to foreign language (Spanish)
  • Above grade-level instruction for students
  • Access to advanced fine arts


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