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High School Program of Studies


Dear Students and Families,

The Waterbury Public School’s Academic Office is pleased to provide a comprehensive Program of Studies for students in grades 9-12. We believe in creating an environment that fosters exploration in areas of interest while providing a solid foundation in core academic subjects. The district continues to refine courses to ensure students master standards and expand knowledge and skills through the fine arts and earn industry-standard credentials in career and technical education. The vast array of offerings and career pathways provide a route to high school graduation that prepares each student for college and/or career.

It is imperative that students work with school counselors to fully understand graduation requirements and to advocate for course offerings of interest. All students with disabilities who are eligible for special education services participate in the secondary curriculum according to their Individualized Educational Plans (IEP). Before making final decisions on courses, I suggest the following logic model as you prepare to enroll:

  1. Take the time to browse Course Offerings and know your options. Jot down a few courses that are of particular interest to you.
  2. Challenge yourself! All AP and College Course Offerings are open enrollment for those who have completed and passed the pre-requisite courses.  
  3. Pay particular attention to concentrators, courses that build on one another. Completing the sequence of courses shows colleges/universities/employers that you have gained specific knowledge and skills in one area.
  4. Understand credit requirements, and in consultation with a school counselor, select core courses that are required for graduation first.
  5. Ask questions and don’t hesitate to keep asking! 
  6. Maintain balance in your coursework and align it to your ultimate goal as a graduate.
  7. Register with your counselor as early as possible.

As you browse the courses available to you at your campus, do so with these words in mind by Mae Jemison, “It’s your place in the world;  it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” Seeking out subjects that you are interested in or have a budding passion for is one of the gifts of high school education.  

Darren M. Schwartz
Deputy Superintendent