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Equity and Inclusion

picture of Lara White

Dr. Lara D. White
Director of Equity and Inclusion
203.574.8000, ext. 11284

About Us
This is the district's centralized place and space for information, materials, resources, events, training, and celebrations of all things EDIA. 

WPS is committed to educational equity, diversity, and inclusion. In 2019, the WPS Board of Education (BOE) adopted Equity Policy 0523(a) that clearly states: 

  • ...educational equity for all students to ensure the elimination of bias, particularly institutionalized racism - and cultural bias, as factors affecting student achievement and learning experiences, and to promote teaching and learning and work environments that welcome, respect, and value strength in diversity.
  • Equity in education is about inclusiveness and social justice and not to be used interchangeably with the principles of equality. The principle of educational equity goes beyond formal equity where students are treated the same. Instead, educational equity fosters a barrier-free environment in which all students have the opportunity to benefit equally.

The work involved to realize these goals related to EDIA involves the effort from our entire WPS community. Our success will be based on ALL of us participating and taking responsibility for this important work which is one of the foundational concepts of inclusion.

  • Included in this website is a variety of resources on a variety of topics. Please note that is KEY that you educate yourself first about that topic before trying to attempt to educate others.

  • Place your student's needs and developmental stage at the center of your intentions.

  • Identify outcomes and establish a purpose for the topic or activity with your students.

  • Model civil behavior through your own actions and words.

  • Keep discussions or activities tied to the materials, data, or primary sources.

  • Share resources or materials that you have or discover.

  • Be sure to talk to your team, subject supervisor, administrator or Dr. White, you have questions, need more information, or support.