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College Student Observation Request

To complete your observation/field experience hours for a college course with Waterbury Public Schools, please print and follow these instructions:         

  1. Complete: Student Observation/Field Work Request Form
  2. Student submits:
    • Consent and Disclosure for Background Check
    • Observation Request Form
    • University Observation Approval Letter 
    • Provide course description
    • Signed Confidentiality Form
    • Signed Policy Form
    • Provide a copy of Driver’s License or State Identification Card to Personnel and Talent Management
  3. Criminal and Sex Offender Background check is conducted. (*Once cleared, an approval letter is emailed to the student.)
  4. Student then calls the campus directly to arrange observation schedule.
  5. When student arrives on campus, they must show their driver’s license/state identification to school administration and check in in the front office of the campus.
  6. Student completes observation hours. 

After review of documents and background checks, the Talent & Professional Development Supervisor will send an email with a start date once you are approved for observations/field experience in Waterbury Public Schools. You may contact the campuses you have been assigned to AFTER receiving the approval email from Waterbury Public Schools. Observation hours/schedules will be assigned by the availability of the campus. 

(PLEASE NOTE: Any observation of individual students requires parental consent prior to observation date)


Fall Observations:

We will be processing Fall observations request Sept 3rd - Nov 4th as observations MUST BE completed Nov 30th.

Spring Observations:

We will be processing Spring observations request Jan 7th- April 3rd as observations MUST BE completed March 20th.

*Please allow 7-10 business days for processing. **