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Data Warehouse

Welcome to the Waterbury Data Warehouse page

The Data Warehouse is a place where we allow many separate information sources (such as PowerSchool, Special Education, Research and Testing) to be accessed at once, without having to spend hours joining the data by hand. This solution allows us to provide requested reports much more quickly across a wider range of data.

Below are links to the Data Warehouse. From there, you can visit any of the Waterbury dashboards. Please let us know if there are any data inconsistencies.

At this time, we recommend Google Chrome for accessing the Cognos Portal and dashboards, but other browsers will likely function properly.

Other than the "Outside Link" below, all links are internal links, therefore, you must be logged into the Waterbury network.

Cognos Portal > Data Warehouse | If off network, use the Outside Link
(use Team Content >> Waterbury - Reports )

Old Waterbury Dashboards [old data - still valid for 2016-2017 School Year and Prior]