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Staff Awards and Recognition

Teacher of the Year Recognition

Each year Waterbury Public Schools has the opportunity to select a teacher to serve as its district Teacher of the Year. The Waterbury Teacher of the Year is then eligible to compete for the Connecticut State Teacher of the Year recognition.


The teacher selected should be exemplary in the classroom as well as someone who goes above and beyond the basic requirements of teaching. They should contribute to the school culture and demonstrate commitment to the school community. The teacher should be representative of the school in which they teach and be able and willing to represent Waterbury (if selected) in the state competition. 

Principals form (or use an existing committee) to develop a pool of three nominees for the building. No nominee may serve on this committee. If the committee used is a standing committee within the building, then nominees MUST recuse themselves from any deliberations on this subject. The principal will choose a building winner from among the three nominees and submit this selection to the Teacher of the Year Committee. Each building-level Teacher of the Year is honored at the Celebration of Excellence in Education awards ceremony, usually held in late May or early June.

WPS Teacher of the Year Award Winners